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Andrea Bargnani was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in 2006.

This is a list of the Toronto Raptors' National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft selections. The Toronto Raptors began as an expansion team in 1995 and first participated in the NBA Draft on June 28, 1995 at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] In 1989, the NBA agreed with the National Basketball Players' Association to limit drafts to two rounds, an arrangement that has remained the same up the the present time.[2] Before each draft, an NBA Draft Lottery determines the first round selection order for the teams that missed the playoffs during the prior season.[2] Teams can also trade their picks, which means that in some drafts teams may have more or less than two draft picks, although they must have at least one first-round pick every other year.[3]

The first pick in Toronto Raptors' history was Damon Stoudamire, a point guard from the University of Arizona, who was the eighth overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft. People in the crowd were surprised by this pick because they expected the Raptors to pick Ed O'Bannon from UCLA. In their second pick of the same draft, Fab Five member Jimmy King from Michigan was drafted in the second round.[1] Chris Bosh was selected by the Raptors as the fourth pick overall in the 2003 NBA Draft, and he went on to play in three all-star games, while starting in two.[4][5][6][7] Andrea Bargnani, who was selected by the Raptors with the first overall pick of the 2006 NBA Draft, became the first European to be picked first overall in the NBA Draft.[4][8]

Six of the players that the Raptors have drafted were named to the NBA All-Rookie Team first team in in their respective rookie seasons—Damon Stoudamire in 1996, Marcus Camby in 1997, Morris Peterson in 2001, Chris Bosh in 2004, Charlie Villanueva in 2006, and Andrea Bargnani in 2007—and Stoudamire was named the Rookie of the Year in 1996.[9][10][11]


Abbreviation Meaning
Nat Nationality
Pos Position
PG Point guard
SG Shooting guard
SF Small forward
PF Power forward
C Center


Draft Round Pick Player Nat Pos College/High School/Club
1995 1 7 Stoudamire, DamonDamon Stoudamire  USA PG University of Arizona
1995 2 35 King, JimmyJimmy King  USA SG University of Michigan
1996 1 2 Camby, MarcusMarcus Camby  USA PF/C University of Massachusetts
1997 1 9 McGrady, TracyTracy McGrady  USA SG/SF Mt. Zion Christian Academy
1998 1 4 Jamison, AntawnAntawn Jamison (traded to Golden State)[a]  USA SF/PF University of North Carolina
1998 2 47 Wheeler, TysonTyson Wheeler (from Portland,[b] traded to Denver)[c]  USA PG University of Rhode Island
1999 1 5 Bender, JonathanJonathan Bender (from Denver,[c] traded to Indiana)[d]  USA PF Picayune Memorial High School
1999 1 12 Radojević, AleksandarAleksandar Radojević Federal Republic of Yugoslavia YUG C Barton County Community College
2000 1 21 Peterson, MorrisMorris Peterson (from Minnesota)[c]  USA SG/SF Michigan State University
2000 2 46 Hulett, DeeAndreDeeAndre Hulett  USA SG/SF College of the Sequoias
2001 1 17 Bradley, MichaelMichael Bradley  USA PF/C Villanova University
2002 1 20 Rush, KareemKareem Rush (from New York,[e] traded to L.A. Lakers)[f]  USA SG University of Missouri–Columbia
2003 1 4 Bosh, ChrisChris Bosh  USA PF/C Georgia Institute of Technology
2003 2 52 Van de Hare, RemonRemon Van de Hare (from L.A. Lakers)[f]  NLD C FC Barcelona (Spain)
2004 1 8 Araújo, RafaelRafael Araújo  BRA C Brigham Young University
2004 2 39 Miralles, AlbertAlbert Miralles (from Cleveland,[g] traded to Miami)[h]  ESP C Roseto Basket (Italy)
2005 1 7 Villanueva, CharlieCharlie Villanueva  USA PF University of Connecticut
2005 1 16 Graham, JoeyJoey Graham (from New Jersey)[i]  USA G/F Oklahoma State University
2005 2 41 Ukić, RokoRoko Ukić (from Orlando)[j]  CRO PG KK Split (Croatia and Adriatic League)
2005 2 58 Slokar, UrosUros Slokar (from Miami)[h]  SLO PF/C P.A. Udine (Italy)
2006 1 1 Bargnani, AndreaAndrea Bargnani  ITA PF/C Pallacanestro Treviso (Italy)
2006 2 35 Tucker, P. J.P. J. Tucker  USA SF University of Texas at Austin
2006 2 56 Bavčić, EdinEdin Bavčić (from New Orleans,[k] traded to Philadelphia)[l]  BIH PF KK Bosna (Bosnia and Herzegovina)



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