Coverage Testing: Monochrome Black White Gray

The "Color Universal Design (CUD) Colorblind barrier-free color Pallette"
by Masataka Okabe and Kei Ito [1].

#e69f00 230,159,000 orange
#56b4e9 086,180,233 sky-blue
#009e73 000,158,115 bluish-green
#f0e442 240,228,066 yellow
#0072b2 000,114,178 blue
#d55e00 213,094,000 vermilion
#cc79a7 204,121,167 reddish-purple

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[1] Color Universal Design (CUD) - How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to Colorblind people. Masataka Okabe and Kei Ito.
[2] Using this colour set for the Apache Incubator "Clutch" table