Color Blindness: Normal Protan Deutan Tritan

Theocrats Again Want Officials to Ignore the Supreme Court

Not content with telling state officials that it's okay to ignore the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage, now the theocrats -- and I don't mean routine Christian right folks, I mean actual theocrats -- are demanding that they ignore Roe v Wade and endorse old anti-abortion laws. … [Read more...]

Happy National Day of Violating the Constitution

It's the National Day of Prayer today and my friends at Americans United for Separation of Church and State have put together an amusing graphic about what such a declaration, should the government really feel one is necessary, really ought to say. … [Read more...]

No, Trump Will Not Now ‘Move to the Center’

Now that Trump has sewn up the Republican nomination -- barring a radical move by the RNC, as I recently discussed -- I've heard a lot of Democrats worry that he's now going to "move to the center" and start acting presidential and pick up lots of moderate votes. If you think that, I don't think you understand his campaign or its appeal at all. … [Read more...]

Steve Deace is Taking His Ball and Going Home

Steve Deace, the ridiculous right-wing radio host from Iowa whose head is so far up Ted Cruz's ass that he can taste the corn, is so upset that Cruz didn't win the Republican nomination that he's taking his ball and going home, leaving the Republican party forever. Because of God. Or something. … [Read more...]

Staver Can’t Name a Single Bathroom Predator

Anita Staver, wife of the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman and a lawyer herself, famously said that she's going to be carrying her gun into bathrooms now to escape the hordes of trans people, pretend or otherwise, waiting to assault her. But when asked if she can name a single such incident, she came up blank: … [Read more...]

Beck: Fiorina On Board With My Dumb Idea About the Senate

Remember how Glenn Beck said that if Ted Cruz were elected president, he'd send his vice president to preside over the Senate and force them to support his agenda? Well he says he has spoken to Carly Fiorina, who shared the ticket with Cruz for about a week before he dropped out, and she loves the idea: … [Read more...]

Beck: Mocking Me Means America is ‘Done’

Poor Glenn Beck. He says incredibly dumb and loony things every day and then people make fun of him for it, and it's just not fair. And as with most things, he reacts with apocalyptic hyperbole, declaring that making fun of him for asking people to pray and fast for Ted Cruz means America is "done." Here's what Beck initially said: … [Read more...]

Smith: Stop Letting Trump Lie About Iraq Position

Ben Smith, editor of BuzzFeed, lambastes the media for allowing Donald Trump to lie continually about his position on the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Trump claims that he was against the war and he's expanded the lie to claim that he predicted every bad thing that has happened. It's complete bullshit. … [Read more...]

Kristol v Murdoch on Accepting Trump as Nominee

Here's another one of those "who do I root for here" situations. Rupert Murdoch, in both personal statements and through the Wall Street Journal editors (he owns the WSJ now), says that Republicans must unify around Trump now. Bill Kristol strongly criticized that position, saying the exact opposite is true. … [Read more...]

Cruz Ramps Up Rhetoric Against Trump

Getting very desperate and knowing he had to win the Indiana primary, Ted Cruz really turned the rhetoric up to 11 in attacking Donald Trump. So much so that it's really hard to imagine how he could transition to supporting Trump now that he has dropped out. … [Read more...]

Beck Lies About Bill Gates

Self-declared prophet of God Glenn Beck, who continually claims that he's never wrong and has predicted everything that has happened for the last 25 years, has a real problem with the truth. This is what happens when you hang around with David Barton. Check out what he claims Bill Gates said recently: … [Read more...]

Shoebat Again Calls for Murder of Gay People

The utterly irrational and deranged Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat is once again calling for the mass murder of all gay people. His excuse? One gay rape in England. But as always for marginalized groups, the actions of every individual automatically represents the entire group. … [Read more...]