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Bill O’Reilly’s Amazing Psychological Projection

A new Gallup survey shows Americans almost exactly divided between those who identify as liberal and conservative, which has sent Bill O’Reilly into a frenzy of psychological projection and finger pointing. It’s all the fault of Hollywood influencing “simpletons,” of course.
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The Things Rick Santorum Believes

Rick Santorum has now officially claimed a bunk on the Republican presidential candidate clown bus (there’s simply too many for a car this year) and ThinkProgress has a rundown of some of the loopier things that Santorum believes. It’s a hell of a list.
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A Convenient Theological Excuse for Selfishness

My favorite verse in the Bible is when Jesus says, by way of parable, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (NIV) It seems a very clear command to help the poor, the sick and the needy. But a Baptist theologian says it’s really about persecuted Christians:
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CO School Sued Over Church/State Violations

A Jewish teacher in Florence, Colorado has filed a federal lawsuit against the school he teaches at for numerous Establishment Clause violations brought on by what looks like a partnership between the administration and a church that rents school facilities in order to proselytize students and teachers during school hours.
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Texas Totally Falls for Flooding Ruse

Man, people in Texas are so gullible. They foolishly think that all that flooding going on is naturally caused and are totally falling for President Obama’s generous offer of help from FEMA to aid in their recovery from what has become a major natural disaster.
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Mmmm, Catholic Tears Over Irish Marriage Referendum

Last Friday, voters in Ireland overwhelmingly approved a referendum to legalize same-sex marriage and the Catholic Church is pretty much beside themselves about it. Keith Fournier, a Catholic deacon who used to be an attorney with the American Center for Law and Justice, gives us the usual “God’s gonna get you for that” argument.
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Cindy Jacobs Prays Away Two More Terrorist Attacks

Cindy Jacobs, self-declared “prophet” and the scourge of Olive Gardens everywhere with her divinely-ordained bottomless bowl of spaghetti, told her “prayer warriors” to go “shields up” last week to prevent terrorist attacks that came to someone in a dream.
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Strike a Pose, Rick Perry, There’s Nothing To It

I find Rick Perry to be very funny. I just wish I were in the meetings with his political advisers when they planned the launch of his second presidential campaign after the disaster that was the 2012 Republican primary, when he turned himself into a punchline in a matter of weeks. I imagine a conversation kinda like this:
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Rafael Cruz: Gay Marriage = Slavery

Rafael Cruz, father of Ted, continues his national How to Embarrass My Son Tour by declaring that if the Supreme Court upholds the right of gay couples to get married, it will be the death of religious liberty and — get this — will mean that we’re all slaves.
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Roy Moore Wants Justice Ginsburg Impeached

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins last week that Congress should impeach Justice Ginsburg because her presiding over an entirely legal same-sex marriage ceremony is somehow magically ushering in an “age of chaos.”
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Graham Lotz Blames Gay Marriage for Baltimore, Ferguson

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, went on Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio show (proving once again that there is no such thing as too extreme on the Christian right) and said that God is already punishing us for gay marriage and it’s going to get much worse.
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