Color Blindness: Normal Protan Deutan Tritan

What Atheists are Thankful For


Vyckie Garrison asked a whole bunch of us atheist folk to write up a brief few sentences about what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving for an article she wanted to publish on it. A lot of people responded, including me. I'm one of those people that really loves the holidays because, for me, they're all about getting together with family and friends. Here was my response: … [Read more...]

BarbWire: Liberals Will Create Fake Christian Terrorist Groups!


Right-wing "thinker" Paul Hair has come up with preemptive conspiracy theory just in case we have yet another domestic terrorist attack from Christian right extremists. Should that happen -- and it will, as it has regularly in this country for decades -- he wants you to know that it's all a false flag, that those Christian terrorists are really "leftists" trying to make Christian conservatives look bad. … [Read more...]

Trump Campaign: Media is Hiding Proof of Muslims Celebrating 9/11


Well here's a new tactic for the Trump campaign. They've been caught in lie after lie and have consistently refused to back down from any of them. Now they're trying something new when it comes to the lie Trump keeps telling about seeing "thousands and thousands" of Muslims in Jersey City cheering and applauding as the towers came down on 9/11, claiming that they've turned over video evidence to the media, but the media is intentionally burying it. … [Read more...]

ACLU Sues Indiana Governor Over Refugee Refusal


In the first of what I anticipate will be many such cases, the ACLU has filed a federal lawsuit against Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for his refusal to allow a Syrian refugee family from moving to that state. That declaration is rather blatantly unconstitutional. Indeed, it's difficult to imagine what the state's legal defense might actually be in arguing that Pence has such authority. … [Read more...]

Calvin College Students Put Racist Slogans on Cars


Two students at Calvin College, which is literally a few minutes from my house, were caught on parking lot security cameras carving swastikas and racist slogans into the snow on cars the other day. The students confessed and will now go through the school's disciplinary process. … [Read more...]

Shocker: Police Lied About Killing of Suspect


A Chicago police officer has been charged with first degree murder in the killing of a suspect he chased. The suspect had a knife in his hand, but was nowhere near anyone to be a threat to them. This officer pulled up at the scene, got out of his car and opened fire from a distance, shooting the guy 16 times, including several times after he was on the ground and motionless. Here's what the Chicago police said about it a year ago when it happened: … [Read more...]

Oh, Sam Harris. Do Shut Up Now.

It has reached the point where I just cringe every time Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins say almost anything about any subject. Harris has now come out and said that he would vote for a Ben Carson or Ted Cruz over Noam Chomsky for president because, even though he knows those people are highly dishonest and unqualified, he thinks they do take the real threat of reactionary Muslims seriously. … [Read more...]

Football Coach Says His Real Job is to Bring Kids to Christ

Church and State

Hemant already reported on the football coach from Mosley High School in Florida, Jeremy Brown, who told a local TV station that he doesn't really care if the team wins or not, his real job is to lead his players to Jesus. To that end, he prays with the team before and after every practice and game and proselytizes them at every opportunity. It's kind of an amazing admission: … [Read more...]

Trump Lamely Defends Posting of White Supremacist Crime Chart


Donald Trump's total lack of concern for accuracy has gotten so bad that even Bill O'Reilly, a man who probably cares even less about it, is criticizing him for it. After Trump tweeted out a chart purporting to show that 81% of white murder victims were killed by black people, a chart originating with a neo-Nazi, O'Reilly practically begged him to be more careful lest the press spin it as him being a racist. Trump, as always, just let it slide right off. … [Read more...]

New Huckabee Lie Reveals Hypocrisy on Immigration Deferrals


You may be vaguely familiar with the case of the Romeike family from Germany. They came to the U.S. seeking asylum after Germany banned homeschooling but were denied. The case went to several courts that upheld the refusal for asylum and the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal. Then the DHS decided to give them a deferral to avoid deportation anyway. Huckabee lies about that case: … [Read more...]

Is Donald Trump a Long-Form Psych Experiment?


I'm beginning to form a new theory about Donald Trump. Up to now I've been chalking up his daily lies and stupidity as evidence that he is a narcissist and an ignoramus, but he's now lying so blatantly and so obviously that I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't doing it deliberately now to find out at what point his supporters will say, "Okay, that was a lie." The latest example: … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Even Further in Wanting Torture


Donald Trump has now doubled down on his call to bring back waterboarding, saying he would bring back other torture techniques as well. In a typically fact-free rant at a campaign rally, he declared, with all that military experience he got at an elite private high school, that torture works. In fact, he said it over and over and over again, and said only a "stupid person" would say it doesn't. … [Read more...]