Color Blindness: Normal Protan Deutan Tritan

Geller’s Bizarre Definition of ‘Islamic Supremacism’


Unhinged anti-Muslim bigot Pam Geller is up in arms that a Muslim woman has made the U.S. Olympic team in fencing and will be wearing a hijab during the competition. And for some bizarre reason, she thinks that this one woman following her own religious beliefs is somehow imposing "Islamic supremacism" on the entire Olympic team. … [Read more...]

Ben Carson and the Walking Dead


In the movie Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment's famous line is "I see dead people...walking around like normal people...they don't know they're dead." That's true of political campaigns too, a lesson that Ben Carson really needs to learn after his campaign is forced to cut half their staff in order to keep going as the money has dried up. … [Read more...]

Trump Blames Cruz for Obamacare


Donald Trump has made the bizarre accusation that Ted Cruz is responsible for Obamacare, which he has tried mightily to repeal since he joined the U.S. Senate in 2012. Trump's "reasoning" -- and I use that term very loosely -- is that Cruz supported John Roberts and Roberts didn't overturn Obamacare when he could have. … [Read more...]

A Recovering PUA Talks About Roosh V


Jonny Scaramanga has a post on his blog about Roosh V and his fellow misogynists. I had no idea that Jonny used to be into the whole Pick Up Artist thing himself, but he opens up about it in a way that I think is pretty brave and raw. Huge respect to him for overcoming his misogyny and for putting himself out there on this. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Creepy Obsession With His Daughter


I remember several months ago seeing that quote from Trump saying that if his daughter Ivanka wasn't his daughter he would probably date her because she's got a great body and I kinda brushed it off as a one-time comment. But it turns out he says that kind of thing a lot and continues to do it. … [Read more...]

Goldman Sachs Fears Bernie Sanders


Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, told Bloomberg News that he thinks the growing popularity of Bernie Sanders, who has pledged to rein in Wall Street and impose a tax on financial transactions, is a "dangerous moment" for his company and for the financial industry in general. … [Read more...]

Could Trump Actually Lose New Hampshire


Before the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump had about a 4 point lead in the polls and finished 4 points down instead. Going into New Hampshire, he has a lead of around 20 points. But is it possible that he could actually lose the nation's first primary? The lack of a serious ground game operation could potentially hurt him. … [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron Endorses Rick Green for Texas Supreme Court

Rick Green, co-host of David Barton's Wallbuilders radio show, is running for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court. And he's racking up important endorsements from the legal community. Oops, I mean from the incredibly stupid child actor community. Kirk Cameron has endorsed him and he is very proud of that. … [Read more...]

The Republican Field Starts to Narrow


As predicted, the Iowa caucuses has begun to narrow the Republican field. Monday night, Mike Huckabee dropped out of the race. Wednesday, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum dropped out and immediately endorsed Marco Rubio when a lot of people, me included, would have expected him to endorse Ted Cruz. … [Read more...]

Klayman: Obama Might Stay in Office Permanently!


Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, did an interview with Alex Jones -- that seems like a good pairing -- and said that he still thinks Obama might refuse to leave office in January and would declare himself the permanent dictator. Would you care to bet on that, Larry? … [Read more...]

Jones: ‘They’ Might Kill Donald Trump


Here's another classic Alex Jones rant about dark conspiracies. He says "they" -- you know, the ubiquitous "they" who are behind everything -- might kill Donald Trump like they did Kennedy. And as usual. he cites "inside sources" that sound remarkably like the voices in his head to back up his loopy raving. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Jesus Would Kill Gay People!


Christian fascist Ted Shoebat has another video in which he calls on Christians to kill gay people, this time by beating them to death in the streets. He praised Christians in Eastern Europe who supposedly did this (like they do in Russia a lot) and were not punished for their violent barbarism, and said Jesus would personally beat gay people to death: … [Read more...]